7.01 Gameplay Update - 21st December, 2016

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  • New API:

    • Action_CourierDeliver( ) : bool
      Tell a bot to use the courier.
    • GetBaseMovementSpeed( ) : int
      Get a bot’s base movement speed.
    • GetCurrentMovementSpeed( ) : int
      Get a bot’s current movement speed.
    • IsCourierAvailable( ) : bool
      Asks if a courier is available to use.
  • Lua based documentation methods now work again as of this update


  • Syntax error / missing files in ability_lua/modifier_lua/item_lua no longer crash tools.


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    Syntax error / missing files no longer crash dota for ability_lua based spells/items.

    Wait, wait, wait? What? Seriously? For real? Wow, Valve, now you did something really helpful. P.S. Waiting the same for modifiers...

  • @Salax same applies to modifier_lua and item_lua.