[Moba] Star Wars:Battle Arena Recruitment!

Star Wars: Battle Arena

SW:BA its gonna be a moba mod made in dota2 with characters from all periods of the Star Wars universe.

More Info: So after seeing SW Rouge One yesturday inspiration hit me and than me and some friends of mine started to brain storm of how a moba would look like with the Star Wars Universe in it.

We thought it was a pretty neat idea especially since there is no such map in dota2 or a stand alone SW moba out there.

We are all moba fans and we played all sorts of different mobas out there and we wanna make something different than just a dota2 game with SW chars in it.We wanna make it more objective orientated and more easy to get into.

Our current team is formed by a Coder/Animator/3D Artist and we are looking to fill up our ranks with anyone who can fill the positions below

Needed Position:

Terrainer/Beta Tester/2D Artist/Animator/Dota2 Scripter Coder

Looking forward to hear from you guys.