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G'day all. I'm looking for people to play and test (and then continue playing) a custom game called Dota 2 Dusk. Dusk is a mod that is made by my friend that features gameplay much like a regular game of Dota, only there are 37 new heroes with custom skills most with custom particle effects in place of the original cast along with a handful of new items. Otherwise it plays just like normal.

I've been showing this mod around trying to get some awareness/interest drummed up for it so that myself and friend can test (since he's actively working on it) and just generally play this mod a lot more that he's poured lots of hours into since middish last year. We often end up going on big invite sprees any time we play... or I get 1v1 tested on...and usually get dunked on. :V

We've got a basic Dusk Discord channel if you want to pop in and chat me up about it, or ask more indepth about the game, and the game is on the workshop at these respective links and can be downloaded in the arcade.

****Discord Channel:

****Mod on Workshop:****

So now I'll just describe some characters that I like from this mod to pique people's interest:

Lysander: Semi-carry initiator who also makes a great pusher. made over Kunkka. He attacks normally at melee, but his Q shoots enemies with his pistol dealing damage based on his current damage with a slight modifier (initially down, but becomes slightly higher than normal at max level), the pistol is physical damage can target any unit or structures and can stun when fired at close range (doesn't stun buildings) with a random chance to go critical dealing a larger modifier with a larger noise and stunning at any range while letting your fire again immediately. Starts on a moderate cooldown but becomes a lot quicker with each level. His W, captains compass marks a hero or enemy unit from a long distance away and makes it get slowed and take increased damage from all sources. It also allows Lysander to get a large movespeed boost when moving towards that unit, and with enough movespeed he can break the move limit. His E deals no damage but is an immediate cast gradual "dash" where he is carried forth by a wave of water picking up any enemies in his path. Enemies hit directly are slowed greatly and he leaves behind sprays of water that also improve allied speed and slow enemies. His R is a great pushing and area denial/damage tool if you can keep it focused. It summons a massive ghostly dreadnaught that slowly sails forward from a distance behind him and fires cannonballs ahead as it moves in a large fan ahead. Any enemies hit by cannon fire are ministunned and take decent physical damage. Being run over by the boat on it's path also slows massively and causes damage over time. These shots can also deal damage to turrets and buildings.

Vulcan: Made over Clockwerk, Vulcan is a 5 ability pusher + trapper/ambusher style combat support. His Q throws a canister of nanites at the enemy that deals minor damage, then causes physical damage over time with each tick reducing armor until it runs out. His W is a short range teleport that marks himself and his nearby owned units to teleport after a short delay to a position a decent distance away. His E builds a telsa coil building that is a stationary unit that zaps random enemies that stray too close with a constant ray of electricity that deals magic damage and slows decently. lasting 80 seconds with a fair cooldown that reduces per level at max level you can usually have around 4 of these down, and in large groups can really ruin peoples day and keep things defended. His D ability summons a permanent companion unit called a Vassal. Coming in two forms, blue and red, blue is defensive and has a weaker attack while allowing it to lasso enemies to stun them similar to Shadow Shaman, or apply a shield to an ally unit to make it resistant to damage. Meanwhile the red vassal deals more damage and has a laser that deals alright pure damage and reduces armor, and also possessing a lock-on ability that forces a unit to take bonus damage from everything for a time. Finally his R builds a small short lived sentry unit that fires a machine gun at enemies at a long range that can even outrange turrets if placed correctly. It fires slowly at first but quickly spins up the more it shoots. Each level also outfits it with more abilities such as more armor in the form of an energy shield, randomly fired magic damage missiles and then shots that reduce armor with each hit.

Bahamut: Replacing terrorblade and having a unique pair of wings and a crest while always being in demon form bahamut is a rightclicker carry. His Q, Desolation engulfs an enemy in magical fires turning it into a walking radiance that causes damage over time to the unit and all it's allies nearby for a short time. W: His W is passive and applies stacks of an explosive magical energy into the enemy that when he's finished attacking them will explode after a short timer. Each hit stacks up to 16, and each 4 stacks increases how damage of the end explosion. E: Reckoning Aura in an average range aura that just outright increases the incoming damage of all enemies near him by a percentage amount. His ultimate, Mega Flare is a massive runic energy ball with a minimum cast radius and a decent fire range that after a travel time impacts the location and explodes massively dealing pure damage. Enemies in the center take massive damage while the outer zone take less.

Odin: Replacing Abbaddon, Odin is primarily a semi-support strength rightclicker with a slightly increases range. Q: Is a support ability that reveals enemy invisible units and terrain in an areawhile slowing, damaging, silencing and disarming (not sure if mutes aswell) them for it's duration. W is a Shukuchi style ability that turns Odin briefly invisible gaining move speed and letting him pass through enemies to deal damage and lightly slow them but provided you clear them completely you can pass through an enemy multiple times. E is an ability great against high attack speed enemies that causes enemies to have reduced attack speed and attack damage that stacks every time they attack him for 2 seconds. Finally his ultimate, Gungnir is basically a massive global sunstrike that takes 2 seconds to come down and is free to cast. On impact it deals big damage and stuns in an area but after throwing his spear for a while until it returns he has reduced attack range and damage.

Blood Warrior:_ Replacing Blood Seeker he is a squishy ganker/chaser carry with alright survivability due to his skills._ Q is grapple that is a channeled grab attack like dismember that stuns the enemy and drains their health and mana be a percentile amount per second and gives it to blood warrior. W is Dance of Death which is a quick short range unit target blink. Upon blinking to an enemy it takes damage. E is bloodmark which causes immediate damage and a short damage over time before applying a blood mark. If blood warrior attacks a bloodmarked unit he gains a large amount of lifesteal off it, but using either Grapple or Dance of death on it will cause them to have greater effects. finally the reason he's so hard to kill is his ult. On "death" blood warrior turns into a flying unit called a blood fiend. This blood fiend has low HP but flying movement and is fast. To stay alive the fiend must land on and consume 4 enemy creeps or neutrals using it's Q ability before it times out. Each time it consumes a unit it's mana and health is replenished. Using it's W it can dive and greatly reduce damage by gaining a burst of further movespeed and 80% reduced damage for 2 seconds. Upon eating the 4th unit at 2 seconds and a flashy blood effect blood warrior is revived at it's location with half health and mana, the ability remaining on cooldown and dieing again before it's off cooldown again makes you die proper.

And Nu_ the voidal guardian replacing enigma is a caster semi-rightclicker._ Q creates a area of anti-matter mines that deal pure damage in tiny areas upon being moved through. W is a gravity pulse that deals decent physical damage and slows greatly in a small target area for a short duration. E engulfs an enemy unit in a small nebula of energy. While under it's effects the unit has reduced armor and any damage it takes is stored. After it's time out the nebula explodes causing a percentage of the damage taken while under the nebula gradually in an area around the unit over a few seconds. If the unit is outright killed the damage is instead dealt immediately but by a reduced amount. Finally his ultimate summons a swirling mass of void particles and energy called a warpstar at a decent distance away. It causes light damage and a slow at first but after 2 seconds it disappears in a flash taking all units friend and foe to the location where he casted it from and stuns the enemies dealing decent damage.

and thats just a few of the great heroes created in this gamemode by my friend (some with suggestions from myself and others) for people to use if only they'd play. :) I hope some of you are interested. Add me or use discord if you'd like to chat and we can play it sometime. Thanks!

EDIT 25/10/2016: If you'd like a visual representation of some of the heroes the maker has begun making hero spotlights on a new youtube channel for the heroes. Here are the three he's done so far!

Bahamut Aether Alexander


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    Was really surprised to discover this game a couple of weeks ago, couldn't imagine someone would have more fully custom heroes than I do. You are doing good job!

  • I'll pass the praise along to my friend. :)

  • A great mod with really unique heros. But I feel it needs a mode other than 5 vs 5, because its too hard to find that amount of players. Bots, or a coop mode would help this game get off the ground.

  • agreed. Team "Farm + Defense" mode. lol

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    Have you ever heard of HeroConcepts?

    Anyway, I have a mod very similar to that called Heroes Playground. The only difference I'm trying to have bots on my version of dota 2 with custom heroes (and items for me).

  • @Darthseid Thanks for the mention, I'll check out your mod too! I'd love to have bots in mine, so maybe you could help me with that after I get my Github updated :3

    I hope someday I can come close to having as many quality heroes as Dusk has (we just reached 20). I was impressed by this custom game ever since I started working on my own.

  • Heroconcepts? yes, I've seen some videos on them, but haven't played the mod to test them first hand. :< I loved zulfs tornado actually. The spammy darts from the plains runner weren't too bad either. and the making puppet illusions of people when they die with the puppeteer.

    and thank you all for the support. :D

  • @Darkmega you can test them all in one game if you want, just remember to make a private lobby with cheats enabled ;)

    I recommend trying Skoros and Onimusha, you're gonna have a fun time with their mechanics. Or pick Xarax if you want memes.