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I did something many people like to do these days. I created yet antoher UNIT/KV-Editor :facepalm:

The big difference is, that this one is extensible, customizable and crossplatform. The Dota "defintions for Abilities, Units, Items, e.t.c." are a package for example. The Dota 2 package is incomplete aswell :D so if you are really bored feel free to add missing rules, menus... in app\src\packages\language-dota2 (and make a PR).

Keep in mind This is a prototype and may never become more. So before using this in production make sure to backup/commit your project. Also very important comments in KVFiles are ignored and will get deleted upon save!

I have no idea if this is actually better than just plain text editing, I haven't used it much myself myself yet. But maybe give it a try!

Head over to Github for donwloads and more infos.

Some Screenshots:

Autocomplete FlagSelector ItemFileMenu Unit

TL;DR I was bored.

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  • The major thing most of these editors miss is actually being able to access texture resources in a visual way, aka visually selecting ability icons.

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    Agreed! Right now you can select a custom ability icon via the file browser, and built-in icons should be autocomplete suggestions. But adding VPK and at least texture and model support, is definitely something i want to do if i continue.

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