The Age of Those Empires - RTS

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Disclaimer: This right now is just the concept I worked out so far. The map is coming as I learn how to make all these things happen in the Map Maker.

Foreword & Introduction of the Project
Greetings Everyone, I'm Nora and new to modding in Dota 2, I don't have any modding experience or programming experience I can speak of,
but I love Dota 2 and I love custom games and I kinda wanna get recognition in at least one part of this Dota game.
So with this out of the way I present you my take on a Tiny Version of the game Age of Empires 2 done in Dota 2.
A RTS where resource management is Key or so I was told(I just play it casually).

The Age of Those Empires
is a tiny version of the game Age of Empires 2, it is featuring many familiar units of the original game, but not the hassle of going through several Ages to finally build them.
TAoTE features a twisted Troop Upgrade System that allows for adaption to any given Situation your opponent throws at you and combat him with your unique strategy. Gather the familiar resources of Wood, Food, Gold and Stone, build your known Structures of Barracks, Archery Ranges and Stables, train your army and out-maneuver your Opponent.

- Footman - Swordsman(Basic Unit)
- Samurai: Fast Attack and Movement Speed
- AxeThrow: Attack Range and Crippling Attack
- L.S.Knight: Heavy Armor & Attack Damage but Low Movement Speed

Ranged - Archer(Basic Unit)
- Crossbow: High Damage, Low Rate of Fire
- Longbow: Long Attack Range
- Skirmish: Anti-Ranged Unit, Weak against Everything else

Mounted - Cavalry(Basic Unit)
- C.Archer: Ranged Cavalry Unit for Hit-and-Run Maneuvers
- Paladin: Heavily Armored Cavalry Unit, slowed down due to the weight of the armor
- Camel R.: Anti-Mounted Unit, gets Bonus Damage against Mounted Units, Weaker against the Rest

Trivial Units
- Villager: Creates Buildings and Gathers Resources
- Trade Cart: Created in the Market and brings Resources from the Trade Post to the Market

Units Info
Each different unit type has it's own building where you can create them. At first you start out with only the Basic Unit, but can upgrade the Basic Unit to one of the three Evolved Units.
Dev Thoughts
I'm thinking of having two separate Basic Units per Building but either the cost will increase drastically per Evolved Unit or they have weaker stats. Game Testing once possible will resolve this issue I think.

Page 1
- Town Center, Market, Blacksmith
- Mill, Mining Hut, Lumber Hut
- House, Farm
Page 2
- Barracks, Archery, Stable
- Palisade, Stone Wall, Gate
- Outpost, Guard-Tower

Buildings Info
List seen here is as they appear in the inventory of the Villager's Building Menu.
Page 1 mainly for resource related structures while Page 2 is for Defense and Unit creation.
Dev Thoughts
I need to see how useful and important these buildings all are going to be and remove/add as this project grows.
To the Town Center, I need to certainly make a version of it that fits this type of game, I don't plan to have different Ages so I have to rework how the Town Center behaves.

+ Tree
- Amount: 100
- Rate: 10/10s

+ Sheep
- Amount: 200
- Rate: 10/10s

  • Bushes
  • Amount: 200
  • Rate: 10/10s

+ Vein
- Amount: 500
- Rate: 10/10s

+ Quarry
- Amount: 300
- Rate: 10/10s

Resources Info
True to AoE we got the 4 resource types, rates and amount are yet not final.
Dev Thoughts
I will only adjust the values of the resources and not add any, since as I will talk about next there is one other way to get resources.

Map Features
Old Tower
- Cost: 100W 100S
- Info: After Destruction 60s Cooldown(Fire effect)
Trade Post
- Rate: 25 Goods per Cart(or Based on Distance)
- Info: Trade Cart transports goods between this and your market

Map Feature Info
Old Towers are destroyed at the beginning of the game but may be repaired to get control of it, they are weaker than the Towers you can create yourself, but give you a vision advantage.
Trade Posts are Neutral and can't be destroyed nor possessed by either faction. You may send Trade Carts to it that automatically bring back Resources to your Market.
Dev Thoughts
I may change the Old Tower to just be working as an Outpost with no Attack and you just need to Sacrifice a Unit or Have Units close to it.
That could also be a 3rd option besides the Old Tower and Trade Post.
The mechanic how you gain Resources from the Trade Post need to be figured out along the way, this is just the first that came to my mind.

HUD Layout + Hotkeys
Left Side:
- Minimap + Controls(Show all, Show Economy, Show Military)
- Score Board above map
- Units Info(only if Single Unit selected)
- Unit Selection + Formation(If possible)
Right Side:
- 3x3 Hotkey Grid

3x3 Hotkey Grid
- Move, Hold Ground, Patrol,
- A. Move, Stop, ???
- Enter Building, Kill, ???

HUD Layout + Hotkeys Info
To keep it similar to Dota the Minimap and the Hotkey Grid are in Familiar Places where the Minimap by default is and where your items are currently Located.
Dev Thoughts
This will most likely be one of the tougher parts to get right and will most likely change more than any other area of the project.

Building Layouts
Coming Soon...

Blacksmith Upgrades
Coming Soon...

Unit Stats
Coming Soon...

Screenshots, Gifs & Videos
Coming Soon...

Afterword & Changelog

Entry 1
My first real project I tackle, which seems easier than the other idea I have.
I will need to learn to code in the language Hammer requires and how to do anything.
I hope this will be a rough adventure, because I don't like easy things.

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    I hope I can post this here, I'm slowly figuring out how to use the Hammer Editor, also I'd appreciate some insight on how to properly Format and keep one of those Githubs, because I have no idea what to put in there and how to use it.

    I should get some things done to next weak, gonna post some gifs and screenshots. Till then I hope you find this project interesting at least.

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    Hello Nora, looks like an interesting project, I am making an RTS myself ( and its in the final stage of developing so you could look at it for an idea of what you are getting into.

    That being said, I strongly recommend against starting a gamemode such as this as a first approach to Dota Modding, specially with no programming experience you will hit a ton of dead ends.

    The concept of Modding Community doesn't go well together with Competitive Business
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