Hero Duel Reborn

Hero Duel Reborn

Type: Arena
Max players: 10
Teams: 2 (5х5)
AI support: no
Total heroes: 16

Victory condition: by points. Which team reaches 10k point first - win.
How to gain points? For every useful action you gain points.

  1. Buy wards +10.
  2. Place ward +10.
  3. Use buff on ally (alacrity etc) +1.
  4. Farm +1 per creep.
  5. Killing the boss- 100-150-250 (depends of which boss is killed)
  6. Magical gem incrustation +25.
  7. Buy expensive slotted item +50.
  8. Kill enemy hero +25 очков. Enemy loses 25 points.
  9. Realise rune (kill enemy hero with rune buff like haste etc) + 50 очков. Rune will be dispelled after kill.

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