Hey guys, I am brand spanking new to modding, but I know web based coding fairly well and know the basics of modelling and animating. Anyways I want to make a full conversion mod for DOTA that will overwrite every character with an evolution line from pokemon. I want to include custom items, abilities, stats, have passives and an evolution mechanic when they level their ult. We have the models and textures already from the 3ds games, so that will just require rigging, fixing texture issues, and animating. I know it is probably really ambitious as a first mod but I am really wanting to give it a shot. If anyone who has more experience is interested in this I am more than willing to work with you and in a team setting. I have communicated with someone on reddit a couple days ago, and we are supposed to be having a skype call at some point, so I don't know what all this guy has going on yet. So my question is this, realistically how hard is this going to be and is anyone interested in helping?

PS: I am new here, and thank you for the wonderful hub of information you all have created!


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    Do you mean character replacement/model mod for main Dota 2 or copy a default dota map over and replace everything by your custom abilities/models into a new addon/gamemode?

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    Probably copy everything over, as I assume that would be the easier of the two to add-on to in the future. What would you all recommend? Edit: I am probably going to make a custom map at some point at any rate. So I assume just doing a gamemode/addon would be the way to go right?

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    If you gonna do everything as you mentioned, then you have to do an addon/gamemode since you cannot change the values of the ability in main dota 2.

  • Okay, that definitely makes sense. How difficult would you think this would be for a beginner?

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    If you have a team of 4 or 5, then it shouldn't be too hard and difficult given all models, particles, and assets are ready to roll.

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    It depends.

    Firstly, what you stated is illegal

    We have the models and textures already from the 3ds games, 

    see here: http://www.pcgamesn.com/counter-strike-global-offensive/one-strike-and-youre-out-counter-strike-weapon-skin-removed-due-copyright-infringement

    though that involved actual transactions, you're still in hot water.

    Anyway, as long as you divide and conquer it shouldn't be an issue

    You need someone to

    1) Handle all 2d and 3d art assets (this should be easy to anyone experienced)

    2) Handle all terrainwork (slight learning curve. I'd recommend looking up CORE (Curse of River's End) and seeing their youtube videos on how they terrain. Excellent stuff.)

    3) Handle all entitywork (Frustrating >.< might be a hybrid programmer too since there is a ton of interweaving)

    4) Handle all scriptwork (might need 2-3 for this)

    keep in mind functional programming is worlds different from web programming so don't expect to reinvent the wheel with the ability to do



    (apologize for the formatting but that key is used to denote a code block)

    Anyway, TL:DR; only with a team, which are hard to find.


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  • I know nintendo can be iffy sometimes on this kind of thing but Pokemon Showdown (a battle emulator) has been using the 3d models, animations and textures for over a year with no issues as far as I am aware. As for valve getting upset, I wasn't planning on putting it in the Workshop any way. Unless I had too, at which point I suppose I may have to rethink things.

    As for the team, I think I can get a group of people, but most of us have little to no knowledge about modding, let alone dota 2 modding. So I guess I am looking for an experienced dota 2 modder to take the helm on this, or at least to help guide us and answer questions. Sort of a team manager, or more involved if they would be so inclined. Would either of you two be interested?

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    From a scripting standpoint, the ability scripts that I saw in some reddit link were 100% doable.

    The core Dota/ARTS/Moba gameplay is trivial to implement (unlike any RTS/TD/FPS/RPG mod) so you have that thing going for you.

    As others have pointed out, the real issue lies with the availability of model assets (because nobody is gonna buy Juggernaut as Charmander), so if you manage to get that sorted from both technical and legal standpoint, you're good to go, and you'll get help in this forum about any problems you encounter. Make sure to check the work done on Fate/Another and THD2

    As for the "experiencer modder" to lead a project like this, keep in mind that most of us already have our own personal projects, so it's quite hard you'll get something like that, specially if you have no experience. But with #hardwork #dedication and quite a lot of #dota2mods + #dota2modhelpdesk, you'll get there.

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  • http://roestudios.co.uk/project/3d-pokemon-models/ Here's the models I was looking at. Everything he is doing make it look fairly simple. So we are good on that end.

    I guess I just need to get started then, thanks for your help guys. It's nice to know this isn't going to be impossible before I start.

  • Should I start with Barebones or the dota_pvp file, since I am mostly planning on reskinning the original map?

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    I would recommend you to use Barebones and copy the dota pvp map over. But as far as I see, the models don't have animations. You probably should try to make at least the most basic animations (idle, run, attack, cast) and import the whole thing to Dota at least once before you start with anything else.

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