Runes Battle

Hello everyone! Runes Battle is a Dota 2 arena mod where heroes use runes instead of abilities.
I just released the beta version that has to be balanced a lot.
The mod is more enjoyable if played 5 vs 5, however for now there aren't so many players so it's a bit difficult to find some.
Feel free to contact me or to post some suggestions.
Have fun!


  • Tested around 10-15 mins. Funny you know)

    Possible Ideas: 1. Rune of luck - can be random effect of any rune you have in map + modifiers (positive/negative, such as slow, decrease damage, spelldamage etc) 2. 1 hero - rune master. Spawn random rune near with self (5 sec channel time, 100-150 mana, 100 cd) 3. remove that abilities and think up comletely new abilities 4. give timer and victory condition (like a which team captures 100 runes will win, or for kills, or for points etc)

    Possible fixes: 1. remove that experience giving or do it around all map to all heroes because it will be disbalanced 2. do some tips like in overthrow menu, or write some tips on loadscreen. Should we kill anothers team guardian commander? 3. When rune spawns write a big message and ping minimap for all rune spots 4. Open a little circles fog of war where rune spawns, so all heroes are able to see what they can get 5. Make custom runes and custom heroes without "rune" abilities.

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    I have many ideas about this mod. At first you should give some more buffs for upgrade a rune such as giving a bit of attack speed and radiance of alchemist to the last level of double damage or anything like that. You can make supps in this mod with some differences. For example: pugna can channel his rune in teamate. You can also give skills to each hero for his role. Carry - Tiny's ultimate, Support - Shadow Shaman's Rope. And many other ideas, but they not so cool like this. P.S "sorry, i am russian."

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    Update v0.4 available now!
    - Tarrasque bonus health from 300hp to 250hp
    - Soul booster bonus health from 450hp to 425hp
    - Shard of Tarrasque bonus health from 800 to 675hp
    - Shard of Tarrasque bonus strength from 50 to 45
    - Shard of Skadi bonus health reduced from 500hp to 400hp
    - Complete Shard bonus health reduced from 1300 to 1075hp
    - Bounty aura bonus gold reduced from 18/20/22/24 to 8/10/12/14 and bonus experience removed
    - Every hero now gains 22 experience every second during the entire match
    - Added 2 new rune spawners
    - Fixed Juggernaut having +5 base mana regen
    - Removed Haste rune
    - Added Ultimate ability selection: Every player now has to choose his ultimate ability at the beginning of the match.
    - There are 9 abilities that suits every type of player: Carry, Support, Tank and Nuker
    - Carry's abilities: Tiny's Grow, Omnislash, Alchemist's Chemical Rage
    - Support's abilities: Vodoo restoration, Shadow Shaman's Shackles, Fissure
    - Tank's abilities: Centaur's return, Flesh Heap, Brewmaster's Drunken Brawler
    - Nuker's abilities: Zeus's Lightning bolt, Ravage, Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning
    - Added game mode tips
    - Runes respawn time reduced from 2mins to 1min and 30seconds
    - Added Heaven's Halberd
    :-) Special thanks to DoctorGester, ChalkyBrush, AgentSpirit and Alastar_Crowley for their feedback and suggestions!