(PVE) Massive Online Monster Battle Arena

edited July 2016 in Mod Showcase

Inspired by Epic Boss Fight and Diablo3, I want to present you yet another survival map : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=530066634 M.O.M.B.A.

Basics are pretty simple : 38 waves of creeps and 5 bosses that actually will fight together with them. Creatures are empowered with random active and passive abilities. For more fun, you will meet creatures with increased stats sometimes.

All your spells will increase their power with your levels. If it's not enough, you can boost your spell damage or healing with some special items in shop.

Currently, difficulty will vary only creature stats and chance to meet empowered creatures. Later, will come more. Enjoy!


Update 0.80:
-  Health runes featured : creatures will now have 25% chance to drop a rune, that will instantly heal players and their summoned unis for 15-35 percent of maximum health, in certain radius. Runes drop upon enemy reaching 75, 50, 25, 0 percent of health with 5 second cooldown. 
-  Maximum amount of enemy units at map reduced to 8 (waves are still consists of 30 units)
-  Increased all enemy units base attack time
-  Increased all enemy units base health
-  Unending adsorption lifesteal reduced to 10/5 percent.
-  Creatures will now cast more often. 
-  Enemies now spawn in 2000 radius around players instead of spawning at determined points.
-  Heart of amphisbaena will not grant health percentage regeneration anymore (use runes to heal!).