Do i have rights to do this

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I love some MMORPG game and i want to make a mod about its. I used that game's idea about the skill tree and stat system, but i used different spell icon, effect, and modified a lot due to balance, and i used different items system, different gameplay. It's not likely a clone. Can i be sued if i do that?


  • Depends on how close it is, and whether you are using their code/assets (even if you end up modifying them).

    Either way, at this stage of life in the workshop, the most likely action from unfair usage of IP is a DMCA (takes down your mod from workshop, but you don't get sued), if the owner cares enough.

    I'd say go for it, but strive to make everything yourself and as different as possible.

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    Yeah i coded all myself, not using any of their code/asset because i dont have it. Think about HON is clone of DotA, but i even doesnt use their gameplay too, just idea.