Escape the Walking Dead (Maze/Escape)

edited July 2016 in Mod Showcase

Here is a mod I created when I needed a scripting project to keep myself occupied. It is based on the maze/escape maps from WC3. It was inspired by one that I played that I forgot the name of but the key concept was the ability to revive teammates by stepping over their grave. Unlike the others (eg. Escape from gay ___), dying and waiting out the round was boring.

Please excuse any missing/bad GUI or artwork because I'm not familiar with any of that, just the scripting part was fun.

This is minimum of 2 players but 1 player can finish levels 1-4. Level 5 is impossible for a single player without bots.

Steam link:


Youtube ver (slighty HD):


If there are any game breaking bugs, feel free to share. I haven't been able to multiplayer test it.

Thanks, enjoy!