Looking for a way to make different shops for different teams

Using barebones I can make custom shops selling the items i want to etc etc... But how can I make a shop, that only triggers for one team? Or maybe a shop to sell different items for another team? Any idea, guys?


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    How about create for each team a base/area which other team cant enter, and give each base a trigger that open different shop ( home / side / secret )

  • Thanks lucifekit,

    this is a decent workaround. Not the solution I was looking for though. I dont want to limit any area of my map to any team. Every point should be accessible for both teams. Other ideas?

  • I don't see any other solution than using a custom Ui (panorama) , not easy to set but will do exactly what you want

  • Sadly, I have no idea what you are talking about. I´m working on my first map, not much expertise over here :-( Can you describe in few words what using a custom Ui would mean? Steps? Effort? Needed knowledge?

  • i warn you : it'll be hard in the begining , but fast , it'll become nice and cool , and it'll surge you with power !