How to make Roshpit vision field?

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Is it possible to reproduce a Roshpit like vision field? You can't look in side or look through it, but you can walk through it. I'm trying to make a skill that creat these mini roshpit vision area.


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    Read this:

    You will need a script that creates ent_fow_blocker_node around the ability target.

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    Thank you for the help. Trying it out now, definitely looks like what I'm looking for!~

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    Apparently "ent_fow_blocker_node" appears to work only after complete build, with careful placement of the node in grid. I'm using Entities:CreateByClassname("ent_fow_blocker_node") in lua script to create the node. And it's not working... Is there a way to place "ent_fow_blocker_node" onto the map with a skill??

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    Ahh didn't know they wouldn't work after compiling. You can try place point_simple_obstruction instead. Those work for sure, but they block vision aswell as movement (2x2 square), so i am not sure you will be able to use them.

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    Thanks again mate. I searched around the forum for it and got to this thread Square collision using building helper. Played around with it and got it to work creating the point_simple_obstruction. However, now it only blocks movement but not vision!~ SetEnabled doesn't seem to affect vision.

    function smoke(keys)
        local ability = keys.ability
        local point = ability:GetCursorPosition() + Vector(0 , 0 , 129)
        local gridNavBlocker = SpawnEntityFromTableSynchronous("point_simple_obstruction", {origin = point})
        ability.blocker = gridNavBlocker
        ability.blocker:SetEnabled(true, true)
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    That's weird if you spawn a point_simple_obstruction via hammer, you will notice that it has a key called "BlockFOW" (or something like that), maybe thats not activated by default if you spawn it in via lua. So try enabling that key with the Entity I/O via lua.

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