Particle Troubles

So I'm making a particle based off of this nodachi model: models/items/juggernaut/generic_sword_nodachi.vmdl. Basically I took Mirana's spell arrow, removed the children, and changed the rendered model (as I will be using it for a linear projectile). Unfortunately, the particle only shows up when its cast at certain directions (from 12:00 to 9:00). The particle can be found at if that helps at all. Also, the model is off-center, any way to change that?


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    try it again without removing the children, control points probably got changed and all that

  • Did it again, changed nothing but the model itself. For some reason, it still won't show the particle from the 10:00 to 12:00 range.

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    I basically did the same with wraith king's sword as model, works fine for me. Maybe this will help you .

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    that wraith king sword is already centered so that probably doesn't help him if it being off-center is an issue; by the way you shouldn't upload vpcf_c's you should upload the originals in the content folder

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    If centering is the problem. Just create a new map in hammer move what ever model you want you use onto the map, center it and export it as mesh (dmx). After that create a vmdl from the mesh and use that model in your particle.

    And BTW this is the uncompiled particle (vpcf) it wouldn't make any sense to upload the compiled binaries (vpcf_c).

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  • @lolle Yeah I didn't realize it was an uncompiled file. Thanks for letting me know. Also, thanks for instructions on centering it!