Need coders for new project - Defense of the Couriers/ Dota JR

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Hello, my name is Cannibal, or Rob if you prefer.

I'm looking for some people who would like to collaborate on an idea that has been on my mind for some time now. I think the idea sounds super fun, and I'd hate for it to go to waste.

Unfortunately I'm only at a very beginner stage of working with the workshop tools, which is why I've come to seek help from the delightful modding community. I'll give a brief rundown of the idea down below.

I personally am good with statistics, ideas and balance, not good at the physical modding aspect however. Anyone is welcome, I'd really appreciate help on this project, and perhaps we can create something GameoftheDay worthy.

My contact Info (Steam) The Salty Cannibal (Email) [email protected] (Skype) Knyght.falcon

Send me a contact request if you are interested in participating!

Game Run Down -

DotC - Dota JR

"What do all your couriers do when they aren't running errands on the field of battle? We are never quite sure, we simply buy a box and summon them to assist us. Well, they play their own smaller version of dota, of course!

Couriers may not be able to harm their larger hero counterparts, but they have no problem whacking each other to death!

Using couriers as smaller heroes, with varying abilities, these small creatures will do battle on their own time, to contribute to the cause!"

DotC - Dota JR will be set on a slightly smaller map compared to the original, with a variety of couriers being used as their own heroes! Everything will be scaled down to match, those little guys don't start with 720 health! But little Doomling would start with 72. Call it a gimmick, but I think it would offer a nice niche feel to the game. Small couriers, small damage, big potential!"

Courier Hero idea examples

Herolings will start with a range of health from 40-80, with small damage amounts and weak spells.

Herolings will have an Offensive Ability or Mobility Ability, A Support Ability or Utility Ability, A Passive, and a small-timate ability(Kill me please for that horrible joke.)

Doomling Venoling Devourling Baby Roshan Tinkbot Huntling Seekling Onibi Grimsneer Lil' Nova Cyril the Syrmeleon Vaal the Construct Little Jade Dragon Alphid Cluckles the Brave!

And more ideas!

(All these heroes currently have their ideas, abilities, stats and roles being compared, created and balanced.)

Thanks in advance to anyone interested, anyone who can offer advice, and any help at all anyone can give!

And remember,** always** feed and water your couriers!


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    Couriers are no good, they don't have casting/attacking animations.

  • I'm sure that's something that could be worked around in some way.

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    If you manage to decompile the models and make custom animations for each of the couriers in a 3D suite, sure.

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    Fair point.

    Perhaps this could be accomplished using creeps instead of couriers? I'd have to redo the idea but I still like the whole theme of Dota JR, couriers just seemed like the most reasonable thing to me when I was brainstorming.

    Or utilize the idle, Death, and movement animations to make pseudo attack or cast animations?

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    How exactly would you utilize them?

    Creeps for sure, but there are not many creeps.

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    some couriers have more complex animations that could substitute for casting/attacking animations but you'd have to g othrough all the couriers to filter them out

  • I'm sure I could go through and figure that out, it might be possible. It doesn't need to be super complicated in terms of the animations, just enough to show that it's happening.

    Could different light effects be used as well to show casting, say something like a gem effect being added to the courier and removed when casting if that would somehow be possible.

    Also utilize, meaning take advantage of the animations that exist to try and make it work.

  • use the greevils models