Swat Reborn Enters Beta Phase

Swat Reborn is a remake of the warcraft 3 custom game, Swat Aftermath. It was remade by a small team of players who loved the game. On Saturday night we began our Beta test. While the game still has some bugs. We considered it a success. And are now beginning to slowly invite more players. To get an invite please follow the link below(we are only allowing a few people at a time so please be patient).


Forums: https://forums.swatreborn.com/phpBB3/ Our website: www.swatreborn.com

Please report bugs here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WXmLLizodw1bhEeOPXXcvvGQeHNtkMYzqp2d8kLbL-w/viewform?edit_requested=true