[FLASH] Collection of UI mods for developers by zed [updated: 2015/03/01]

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What are these?

UI (flash, scaleform) modules, developed mainly for usage by other dota2mod creators.


I encourage and welcome any type of feedback (failures, possible improvements, ponies). Honestly, I'm desperate for feedback. Aside from waking up with a "OH YISSS" thought regarding one of my modules, I don't know what could be improved as I don't develop dota 2 mods (besides the UI modules).

Do you do commisions?

Haven't really entertained the idea, but I guess I would be open for it. If the module would fit the main criteria of not being too specific to your project (being useful to a wide array of dota2mod creators), then I would be glad to do it for free (time allowing). If what you need is specific to your project (and perhaps you don't want me to put it on my github) I guess we can work something out. Bear in mind that I am no designer and no professional coder, what I do requires a lot of time from me along with trial and error.

Are you a designer?


Are you a pro?

Debatable. But no.

Does what you do require a lot of time?

For me, yes.

What are the dots after this answer?

The dots after this answer are here because I can't be bothered wasting time on figuring out how to linebreak properly.



  • Description: Adds an additional value to the ability icon in a similar style to the mana and gold cost.
  • Preview: JPEG
  • GitHub
  • Notes: My newest project, need feedback to iron out any bugs. Background color is changeable. Main logic is fully commented in a manner that is perfectly clear to me but may not be to you. Wanted to display chosen AbilitySpecials w/o communicating w/ Lua all the time but volvo happened. Will definitely get a systems overhaul once valve updates scaleform api.
  • Credits: A big hug goes to Noya for the request(idea), counsel along the way and great feedback. You go girl!
  • Latest Update: [2015/03/01] Added 'ability_values_send_items' event to display overlay for items aswell.


  • Description: Allows showing custom error messages to the player in the exact style that volvo does (same element).
  • Preview: WebM
  • GitHub


  • Description: Shows numbers instead of the normal ability level indicators (pips).
  • Preview: JPEG
  • GitHub
  • Notes: Made as a solution for the abilities that don't fit the volvo default UI.


  • Description: A simple .swf that allows you to check out valve UI elements when ingame from the console. Update allows for messing with element attributes.
  • Preview: None
  • GitHub
  • Notes: I'll probably add a GUI and expand on the idea (helper to develop scaleform for dota). Not a priority.
  • Credits: Perry and SinZ for their work on the valve component list


  • Description: UI for buying and selling spells, along with an info tab where you can explain stuffz.
  • Preview: Gold only | Point only | Gold and point | Info tab <- all WebM
  • GitHub
  • Notes: my first project. It does it's purpose but it's ugly and badly coded, I'll overhaul it at a soonish point in time.
  • Credits: whole #dota2mods channel, including but not limited to Morphined, Ash47, SinZ, especially Perry and BMD for not telling me to shut the fuck up with thousands of my stupid questions aimed at the two of them.