Dota 2 Unit Script Editor (Alpha Version)

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What is this?

We have developed a trial run (alpha alpha) of a KV script editor. You can use this app to open up your unit KV files and display and edit values in a GUI.


-Load, duplicate, create and delete unit KV .txt files.

-Edit common values such as unit model, combat fields (damage, armour etc.) and abilities.

-Easily add and remove certain cosmetics from the unit without mucking around with unintuitive IDs.

-Edit the output of the program if you want to insert custom fields.


-Every unit file is expected to contain only one unit and the unit name is the same as the file name (minus the ".txt" of course)

-While opening random .txt files in a KV format (such as items) may work, we strongly suggest you don't save the file.

-Comments from an opened file are not preserved.


-This requires the folder format provided by using the Dota 2 modkit. (i.e. there should be a "scripts/npc/units" folder where all your unit data is stored). If you do not have such a folder structure you may have to open up files individually using File->Open).


This tool is still very much in alpha just to see if there is demand for it. If there is enough demand, we can improve it by allowing files containing multiple units, such that you would only need to open your npc_units_custom.txt file. We can also easily extend it to cover items and abilities too along with rudimentary lua support.

Please feel free to suggest features and report bugs in this thread.

Pretty Pictures:


  • Imo your buttons are unnecessarily big, this is not a mobile app.

    I think it would be a must have tool for many projects if the cosmetics tab was more explored. I would totally suggest using this tool: source code and adding a full on cosmetics items preview, maybe even with full assembled hero preview. Also an integration with the attachments.lua library could be useful.

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    Thanks a lot for the feedback DoctorGester! We are definitely interested in exploring more into the Cosmetics side of things as I know it is a mission to currently look for a good cosmetic and find its ID etc...

    In terms of the UI looks, the program was initially "thrown" together due to our modding need of mass producing random units. We thought it might be nice to extend it and upload it and see if people would use it but only once we had uploaded it did we discover the WorldSmith program (which looks pretty sweet).

    It might be best for us to concentrate on the cosmetics going forward (not sure if WorldSmith has a nice cosmetics section).

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    Looks ok to begin with, some quick suggestions;

    • Make a github for the project to track bugs/new features
    • Fix indentation on output

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    Yaa, wondering if its even worth taking this project further (in terms of unit editing) given what WorldSmith is already working on. Maybe a nice cosmetic system would be better to pursue.

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    It would be a pretty good niche if you gave it a few iterations. Also, see if you can get it to support standard non-split-up unit files. Would be useful =]

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    WorldSmith is dead and never seen anyone use whats left of it it to get anything of value

    I personally use my own AttachWearables.txt file which already has all the sets generated and ready for copying.

    Just try to figure out what's useful, don't fall into the trap of doing GUI for the sake of doing it unless it's as a learning experience

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    Ahhh I see thanks guys :) So this app mainly targets KV units/items etc... but from what I've seen looking at Element TD, a lot of the guts work is done in Lua anyway. Would a fully fledged KV editor still be useful?