Winter Battle Update - January 27th, 2016

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Official Changelog

  • Fixed a memory leak with modifier_lua and CheckState().

Unlisted Tools Changes


The Panorama function .data() was removed.
If you use this in a gamemode currently live on the workshop, go fix it!


  • Players.GetTeam added (it was in the GetPlayerInfo before)
  • DOTAShowAbilityPurchaseTooltip(string abilityName, int32 entityIndex, enum EAbilityTooltipPurchaseType purchaseType) was removed from the events dump
  • DOTAShowAbilityInventoryItemTooltip(int32 entityIndex, int32 inventorySlot)
    Show tooltip for an item in the entityIndex NPC's inventory.
  • DOTAShowAbilityTooltipForLevel(string abilityName, int32)
    Show an ability tooltip for a specific level.
  • clip: radial( 50% %50, 0deg, 90deg );, no longer just rectangular clips
    Radial clip mode takes a center point, start angle and angular width of the revealed sector.
  • "motion-blur" is a new property. Details
  • Panel.hittestchildren
  • Panel.ClearPropertyFromCode
  • Panel.UpdateFocusInContext()
  • Panel.RegisterForReadyEvents( boolean boolean_1 )
  • Panel.BReadyForDisplay()
  • Panel.SetReadyForDisplay( boolean boolean_1 )


  • CDOTABaseGameMode:IsDaynightCycleDisabled Is the day/night cycle disabled?
  • CDOTABaseGameMode:SetDaynightCycleDisabled( bDisable )
  • CDOTA_PlayerResource:GetSteamID
    Get the 64 bit steam ID for a given player. (in addition to the old GetSteamAccountID, which was translateable)


Added Destruction to the Snow tileset, and the textures were massively improved too


Credits to BMD & Toyoka for the dumps and images.

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