npc_dota_flying_courier; can't change movement speed

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I can't change the flying couriers movement speed; It seems npc_dota_flying_courier is depreciated; I checked the latest file in git and the unit name (npc_dota_flying_courier) is still there despite being marked as depreciated.

Does anyone know what has replaced the above?


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    I think DotA now uses npc_dota_courier only. Look at abilities of npc_dota_courier, it contains the same abilities as deprecated npc_dota_flying_courier. So if I were you, to change the ms of flying courier only, I would check movement capabilities of npc_dota_courier every second after his spawn (with courier:HasFlyMovementCapability( == true)) and then apply a modifier that changes his ms if that check returns true. Maybe you will think of an easier way to do this.

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    Ok i'll look into that solution - there does not seem to be any other way. I wonder how often github's npc_units.txt gets updated to reflect whats really in the engine. No searches indicated any alternative unit name.