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Here's the notes and tricks on how to format your posts in moddota and make them look great.

  • Posts are Markdown supported, everything is covered in this Markdown Cheatsheet.
    Code blocks start with ~~~ instead of ```

  • You can also use editor bar to add format, links, code blocks and custom emotes, as well as entering a full screen editor.

  • Adding images and videos is very easy, just copy the imgur, puush, youtube or pastebin link and it should be automatically formatted into your post.

    Images are centered (use the default markdown image link for the left align).

  • Custom gfycat embedding is arguably the best thing around, attach them as [gfy customURLName]:

  • There is a Drafts section dedicated to writing unfinished and long threads, allowing to easily move it to the correct section when you are done. The Preview button won't normally parse most of the custom stuff and is limited to one page and post, so if want to safely work without it being announced in the Discussions, this is the place (I used it to make this thread).

  • Mentioning with @User is useful to leave notifications to other modders to check your post:

  • You can also use some HTML tags, notable examples:
    • <br> for extra line breaks
    • <a name=#tag>which is very useful to add links to other parts inside the same thread.

For example, I added <a name="#home"></a> at the top, and [linktext](##home) will take you to it. Home

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