[Snippet] Debug Calls

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If your game mode is crashing or hanging inexplicably, you can use this function to find out what was the last call call

Warning, it spams a lot and makes your game slightly unplayable, use under your own risk.

function DebugCalls()
    if not GameRules.DebugCalls then
        print("Starting DebugCalls")
        GameRules.DebugCalls = true

            local info = debug.getinfo(2)
            local src = tostring(info.short_src)
            local name = tostring(info.name)
            if name ~= "__index" then
                print("Call: ".. src .. " -- " .. name)
        end, "c")
        print("Stopped DebugCalls")
        GameRules.DebugCalls = false
        debug.sethook(nil, "c")

Implemented as a chat-command in DotaCraft developer.lua, credits to BMD for finding debug.sethook and showing how to use it

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