[SOLVED] How to hide abilities on standart UI?

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How turn off standart Dota ability layout, without HP\MP\EXP bars? I maked layout with custom ability bar over standart ui, but it's look poorly & when i move mouse over standart icons standart ui show ability description with new ui. I think its sounds really dumb, but i cant find answers over 2 days.

(how it looks: https://i.imgur.com/nMLSCTF.png)

I see how it maked in petri, but i cant inderstand how they set "AbilityLayout" to 0.

p.s. Sry for my english.


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    in custom_ui_manifest.xml within script tags.

    // Uncomment any of the following lines in order to disable that portion of the default UI //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_TOP_TIMEOFDAY, false ); //Time of day (clock). //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_TOP_HEROES, false ); //Heroes and team score at the top of the HUD. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_FLYOUT_SCOREBOARD, false ); //Lefthand flyout scoreboard. GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_ACTION_PANEL, false ); //Hero actions UI. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_ACTION_MINIMAP, true ); //Minimap. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_INVENTORY_PANEL, false ); //Entire Inventory UI //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_INVENTORY_SHOP, false ); //Shop portion of the Inventory. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_INVENTORY_ITEMS, false ); //Player items. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_INVENTORY_QUICKBUY, false ); //Quickbuy. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_INVENTORY_COURIER, false ); //Courier controls. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_INVENTORY_PROTECT, false ); //Glyph. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_INVENTORY_GOLD, false ); //Gold display. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_SHOP_SUGGESTEDITEMS, false ); //Suggested items shop panel. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_HERO_SELECTION_TEAMS, false ); //Hero selection Radiant and Dire player lists. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_HERO_SELECTION_GAME_NAME, false ); //Hero selection game mode name display. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_HERO_SELECTION_CLOCK, false ); //Hero selection clock. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_TOP_MENU_BUTTONS, false ); //Top-left menu buttons in the HUD. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_ENDGAME, false ); //Endgame scoreboard. //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_TOP_TIMEOFDAY, false ); //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_TOP_HEROES, false ); //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_FLYOUT_SCOREBOARD, false ); //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_HERO_SELECTION_TEAMS, false ); //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_HERO_SELECTION_GAME_NAME, false ); //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_HERO_SELECTION_CLOCK, false ); //GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_ENDGAME, false );
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    I already added

    GameUI.SetDefaultUIEnabled( DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_ACTION_PANEL, false );

    But it hide hp/mp bars, portrait and other ui items between inentory and minimap. I want to hide only standart abilities ui. I think i incorrectly wrote in first comment.

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    You set "AbilityLayout" "0" in the units with abilities


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    You set "AbilityLayout" "0" in the units with abilities

    That doesn't do anything but defaulting to 4 ability layout.

    You need something to set all abilities hidden when units spawn:

    for i=0,15 do
        local ability = npc:GetAbilityByIndex(i)
        if ability then

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  • for i=0,15 do local ability = npc:GetAbilityByIndex(i) if ability then ability:SetHidden(true) 

    Hides abilities correctly, but on custom ui abilities hides too. If i show on my ui "Hidden" ability, then when i try to upgrade ability or use it game popup message "Abilty unactive". I think i will make my own ui with all bars, if i will have a lot of time. Thanks for help to all.

  • Yes that's right, hidden abilities probably can't be used for that, you either remake all bars and stuff, or make your custom ability-only UI, where you control the targeting and etc, and send direct ability orders, I believe heroes can use hidden abilities this way. Not sure which way is harder tho.

    I might be missing something by the way.

  • It's possible to use a dummy unit with hero spells, and cast abilities from it. Or use dummy with hero portrait and hp/mp but I think these variants are bad choise. I looked panorama and lua scripts in petri, but I don't find anything what can hide abilities on standard ui. If it be possible I contact with petri devs, and if I get an answer I 'll post they method here.

  • I find solution. This is custom scaleform ui from petri github, and its work. Thanks to all for answers. If anyone need solution for this trouble- https://github.com/TideSofDarK/PetriReborn/tree/master/game/dota_addons/petri_reborn/resource/flash3 just put CustomUI.sfw in your resourse folder, and add this to your custom_ui.txt

            "File"      "CustomUI"
            "Depth"     "51"