Mafia: now publicly playable!

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Yep, it's happening. The Mafia you know and love is coming to Dota 2!

It's playable now and will be ready for a full release in a week or two! Right now though I'm looking for playtesters to help make sure there are no major bugs, test the balance of the setup generator, etc. If you're interested in helping and getting your name in the credits, shoot me a message or add me on Steam:


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    Sounds really cool. Can't wait to help out.

    Added you on steam as Kappa Krusaders

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    I was wondering when this would be out. Always up for some mafia. :3
    Also about lynching. Is it instant kill on majority or is there chance to defend. From the screenshot/gif it looks like that is skipped.

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    Here's an idea to consider for the person going to be lynched for by the towns people

    A timer is displayed and they are given a minute to argue their case. (Maybe mute all other players except the speaker)

    Any time during this phase other players can veto the execution.

    A tally of votes will be displayed in order for the speaker to not be executed.

    If the majority of players have vetoed, the speaker will survive otherwise the speaker will be lynched.

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    I have no doubt you can handle the game mechanics and that is ultimatively all that matters, but I think it would be nicer to add a bit more map theme.

    Like a village map, with every player using a possibly modified kunnka model and some execution gore effects.

    Also it would be interesting if you could possibly stealthy move the players around in invisible teams to give them team-dependant voice chat phases.

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    Yeah, I understand that's how the SC2 mafia worked (I did not play it, not owning SC2) -- right now the lynch happens as soon as you hit a majority because that's how I'm used to playing, but if it turns out that the SC2 people knew something I don't then I'm open to adding it.

    I do agree it would be nice to have a more themed map. Unfortunately, I am pretty limited to the Dota assets which don't really have any village-ish assets that I know of.

    Thanks to those of you who added me, I'll be reaching out over the next couple days to find a time when we can get the most people in a test game. (Still looking for more if anyone else is interested!)

  • You could get a few 3D models from TurboSquid for free (here's an example). I think the conversion to fbx should be the same as character models, if you need help converting them I can do that for you.

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    Aleteh or Toyoka or somebody made some pretty good houses directly in Hammer if I remember correctly.

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  • Some basic game design concepts that are in SC2 Mafia and Town of Salem (you can find it in steam pretty cheap).
    1. Day Phase One: discussion. (no voting) about 15seconds. This allows players to write their latest update to last will.
    2. Day Phase Two: voting for lynch. Always majority to bring someone on trial.
    Lot of mind games happens here. Who voted who is displayed and cancels are also displayed.
    3. Trial Phase One: Defence. At this point only the person on trial may talk. If blackmailed (by mafia) then all defendant says is replaced with "I am blackmailed."
    4. Trial Phase Two: Final Vote! Displays the names who are voting in real time but not the actual vote (guilty or innocent). Also displays if someone changed their vote.
    5. Trial Phase Three: Counting of votes. Shows all player names and tells if they voted guilty, innocent or abstained the vote.
    This is second most important mind game part. Some people assume that mafia always abstains or votes innocent when lynching other mafia.
    6. Death Phase: In this order: Who died -> How he died -> Last Will -> Death Note -> The Role of the dead person. The order actually has no real game play impact. It was actually designed for the maximum suspense.

    1. Night Phase One: Night action choices and discussion.
    2. Night Phase Two: Run all actions at same time.
    There are lot of subtle game design there but above phase listing should cover most core ones. Rest of the game design is in the interaction of the roles and how much information/missing-information there is.

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  • Hey! This mod is back from the dead with a hot newly-possible-in-7.0 custom chat interface, and is available for public beta testing!

    If you'd like to play, add me on Steam or message me here, or just start up a game with your friends and let me know how it goes, it's public.