Hammer trouble

edited December 2015 in Support

So i am just getting started with this, and i have encountered two issues.

  1. My console is spammed with the following; "[ W General ]: c:\buildslave\source2_dota_rel_win64\build\src\rendersystem\texturebase.cpp(2015):ResourceHandleToData( ) failed! Falling back to error texture!"

  2. My hammer editor crashes and closes the second time i try to build my map. The first time after i open the project it works fine, but if i try again it will crash at the in-game loading screen in dota, just before i enter the map. No messages no nothing, everything just shuts down.

I have no clue how to fix it. So if anyone of you could help me in any way, or just point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated.