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Hey, I recently started to work on my first custom Game. I used to do a lot of GMod modding, mostly custom server stuff, but also some gamemodes. The thing I liked the most about GMod modding was the great wiki, you can find anything you need there in a matter of seconds. When I had my first look at the D2 Workshop tools and the documentation back in the alpha I found it pretty hard to get into, which is probably the reason I didn't start modding for DotA earlier. A lot has improved since then, but still I personally don't like the official Wiki. It is really hard to navigate around the wiki and it barely has any examples. So I started to create my own wiki, the original plan was to document every function, constant etc. I use there while I create my first custom games. First i wanted to keep it a private documentation but then I thought why not share it with the rest of the community so here it is: http://wiki.dotashelter.com. I leave it up to you wether you use this wiki, stick with the official one or maybe use both.

tl;dr: I created a alternative WIKI for the Scripting API etc. you might prefer it over the official one.

If you consider contributing make sure to read the Wiki Editing Guidelines.

You will need a steam account and a valid email address in order to register and edit.


  • templates for Lua & JavaScript Classes
  • templates for Lua & JavaScript Functions
  • templates for Lua Constants
  • example template with custom syntax highlighting
  • light theme & dark theme (for your late night coding sessions)
  • a fast custom search


  • Tutorial section
  • Panorama templates for xml and css related resources
  • section for Hammer documentation
  • ssl/tls
  • improved syntax highlighting
  • improve/add default styling
  • write a script that auto imports sites from the official wiki (probably not going to happen anytime soon) (partially done)

Feel free to leave your suggestions and opinions here.

If you need to contact me personally you can add me on Steam.


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    my browser said that the site can't be reached? are you still working on this or is this abandoned?

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    The site must have went down, when my hoster took the server down for maintenance. It's back up now.

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    I just wanted to give a little update on this, I finally found the time (and motivation) to import the default docs (for lua funcs expect the rest soon). I would also really appreciate some feedback.

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    I will definitely start using this. Looks good man, definitely something worth investing some time extending.

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    It's a lot more useful to have all the function signatures on a single page, like it is in the official wiki. Way more easy to ctrl+f to find what you want, instead of having to manually expand tree nodes.

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    @Oblivion Thanks, feel free to contribute!

    @Myll You can use the search input at the top of the sidebar (hotkey: alt+shift+f), it will automatically expand all relevant nodes based on your input. Personally I prefer that over ctr+f searching that giant site.

    Also another update: I now added the remaining lua functions from the official wiki (script_help2 doesn't list all functions apparently), that completes the lua section. That means I wont regenerate those pages anymore so any edits you make should stay from now on! I will add the default panorama docs (cl_panorama_script_help_2) next.

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    Good job! I try to find time to contribute with lua ability / item tutorials soon.

    Some suggestions: -Modifier functions should be paired with their functions and return types. -Lights On/Off should change link text from dark red to something else.

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    Alright another update I now added the JavascriptAPI (Generated from panorama_help2) to the wiki. I also updated the enum generation to copy descriptions aswell.

    @DrTeaSpoon Thanks! If you never worked with mediawiki you might want to take a look at the source of this tutorial i wrote.(http://wiki.dotashelter.com/Tutorials/Scripting/Simple_Spawner). I also added a Form for tutorial creation. And last but not least I changed the dark theme link color to something brighter, it should be much more readable now.

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