Abilityspecials from datadriven file can't get used in lua file [Solved]

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So when in my lua file i have, as usual, a some values that i need from my kv file, so i imported them all like this :

local spawnDistance = ability:GetLevelSpecialValueFor("ghostship_distance", ability:GetLevel() - 1 )

but when i print them in the console right after i create them , like this


it gets the value 0 for all of them. Its like the mechanism for sending over the values isnt working

here are the pastebin links to the full code

http://pastebin.com/wPG3FVLt : lua file http://pastebin.com/nW8khJQR : datadriven file


  • I'm not sure if that function works because I've never used it, but as a workaround you can try passing through the variable in your RunScript block.

    So change to

        "ScriptFile"        "hero/hero_kunkka.lua"
        "Function"          "ghostship_start_traverse"
        "Target"            "POINT"
        "delay"             "%tooltip_delay"

    and then access it in your function with event.delay

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    when you need ability special values in lua you call it with self:GetSpecialValueFor("special_value")

    Check out valve's lua ability examples in game/dota_addons/lua_ability_example/scripts/vscripts

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    GetLevelSpecialValueFor works fine for multi level ability specials. GetSpecialValueFor only works for single level. Also @Aardvark self: won't work in datadriven RunScripts

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    ah , so thats how it works, thanks

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    hmm, well i use GetLevelSpecialValueFor on every value

    after some testing i found out that some values do get transfered as they should and some don't. I havent figured out the pattern yet.

    i will post the lua and datadriven code for the abiltiies that work here in a paste bin and following that another pastebin with the lua and datadriven cod for abilities that dont work

    so working :


    not working :


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    nvr mind this thread, problem was due to me having multiple versions of the same spell in my npc_abilites_custom :s