Arcana hero icons

In Panorama we have the Panel

<DOTAHeroImage heroname="npc_dota_hero_lina" heroimagestyle="portrait" />

but how to access the arcana icons?

Using the modified name from the cosmetics definition results in just a placeholder image. And neither are those arcana textures anywhere in the assets to be found, so using them just as image panel doesn't work either.


  • Guess you will have to use plain image panel, just open up game vpk and see the path to the icon, they are all there in "panorama" folder.

  • Alright, thanks. I guess I found them.

    They are not in the panorama folder though, which is probably also the reason why they are not found in the assets browser.

    They are in resource/flash3/images/heroes and resource/flash3/images/miniheroes. I don't think you have access to those folders in panorama, but exporting them and then using as image panels works fine.

  • They are definitely there, the ones DOTAHeroImage uses are from panorama folder.

  • The normal ones are there, but the arcana icons aren't, which is why you cannot access them with DOTAHeroImage. It seems the only way as of now is to extract them from the flash folder.