Dedicated Servers

Anybody knows what the conditions are that Valve looks out for to give mods dedicated servers?

I've noticed some games with about a 100k subscriber count (Legion TD by Roofkiller) with dedicated server support. But others like Pimp My Peon by Noya with close to 200k without dedicated server support.

So I'm guessing the process isn't automatic and you probably have to ping Valve or get noticed in some spectacular way?


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    What we know:

    • It's manually chosen
    • You can lose them (Legends of Dota)
    • Valve contacts the owners through the workshop, letting them know what they need to agree in order to get dedicated servers

    What I assume:

    • It's based on a mix of concurrent players and subscriber growth rate

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    Just to add to this. We were contacted directly by email and told that "We’re continuing to roll out dedicated server support for custom games based on player activity". So it is for certain based on player activity.

  • Thanks for the input guys. T - do you remember what kinda player activity levels you were getting during the time of contact? Might be something for us to aim to achieve (at the bare minimum).

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    Hey cowsforyou. Whenever I checked we had about 100-200 concurrent players, which was steady for a couple of months.

  • Thank you T. Will aim towards that then!