Question about music in custom games.

Hi guys and girls. I'am working on wc3sound mod for reborn. In this time i succefully write my own vsndevts, which compiling by resourcecompiler and i'am replace music from menu and game on music from warcraft 3. But i can't create different music for radian/dire like night elf/undead. In this moment radiant and dire have night elf music. Maybe who see custom games where playining different music when you play for dire and radian? Or see like functionality in workshop tools?

Sorry for typos and pure english, i'am use it few times a year =)


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    maybe you should write some lua code to make a choice when player loaded the game

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    Maybe, some - not exactly what i looking :smiley:, but thx for idea about lua. I will look for answer on my question in lua scripts.

  • You could try to use EmitSoundOnClient for each player, based on their team