Vmdl_c file?

Hello guys im trying to modelling for dota 2 but before reborn i could have open mdl files with alien swarm. And now i have a vmdl_c dazzle cosmetic file.I cant open it.I need to convert it to .obj. Please help me


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    Any help?

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    There is https://github.com/SteamDatabase/ValveResourceFormat but I cannot actually tell you how well it works so far.

    Until a full Source 2 resource decompiler is available it might be more reasonable to install the old Dota 2 Beta, which is apparently still source 1, decompile the Source 1 models, change the things you wanted to change and import it to Source 2.

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    The .vmdl_c is a compiled version of a .vmdl model, so unless you can decompile it I'm not sure it can be edited. There's a guide here that involves extracting .mdl files using crowbar, but I'm not sure if there's a synonymous tool for vmdls.

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    Oh i got it .Thank you for your help