Removing Custom Cosmetics doenst work

Hi there, im having a problem to remove custom cosmetics for quite a while :\

The tricky part is, its working for me locally perfectly fine. Im using this solution on npc spawned:

I also override the standard cosmetics of the heroes im using by replacing them with 'invis' cosmetics.

However on my released addon, it doenst wanna work. The added custom cosmetics still will be shown. I tried to look into other addons, how they solved it, yet their solutions couldnt work for me.

Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance ! :)


  • Okay, thx to BMD i could solve this :)

    For all ppl who have the same problem, that stuff works locally but not on your released version if it comes to this:

    You will need to add SendToServerConsole("dota_combine_models 0") somewhere in your gamemode initialization.

    Its set on 0 defaultly for your local/tool version, but the released addon version is set to 1. So you need to force it to 0.