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Took my take today to add personalized emoticons to make the forum a bit more lively, I hope you guys like them!

Here's the list, you can put any in your posts by clicking on this icon at the top right of a post: img Enjoy!

  • Emojis

    :) :smiley: :expressionless: :fearful: :laughing: :worried: :neutral_face: :pensive: :rage: :sleeping: :blush: :blush: :confused: :smirk: :sweat_smile: :metal: :fire: .

  • Tools and Software

    :bug: :checklist: :screenshot: :download: :edit: :favorite: :info: :question: :critical: :stop: :success: :warning: :github: :source: :steam: :tools: :moddota:

  • Dota Emoticons, taken from various workshop assets

    :bbthump: :dizzy: :highfive: :angry: :burn: :fail: :huh: :rolleyes: :surprised: :cool: :facepalm: :rubbing: :tears: :crazy: :goodjob: :laugh: :sad: :happy: :cry: :happytears: :mirana: :pumped: :disapprove: :hide: :zzz: :dd: :illusion: :haste: :techies: :giff:

  • We still love Valve right?

    volvo SOON(TM) GabenFace :penguinwizzard:

  • Twitch Emotes

    Kappa BibleThump :jicy: :nuke: gege :hype: FailFish PogChamp Kreygasm SwiftRage ResidentSleeper Keepo PuppeyFace DendiFace MVGame DansGame :icefrog:

NOTE: Use these responsibly. I believe these can be fun without turning into a spam fest. Otherwise, some might get :nuke: 'd. Feel free to suggest any changes

Known Bugs

  • The drop down menu might not appear the first time you enter a thread or start a new discussion.
    Refresh the page with F5 and it will.

  • After editing, the menu is unresponsive. You can still directly write the :emotes: though.

  • Clicking an emote to add it at the middle of the text places it on the bottom of the post

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