How to fix a VConsole2 that stopped printing messages?


I took this over to the ModDota Discord a few times but haven't gotten any answers. A few days ago after switching Steam accounts a few times, my VConsole2 basically stopped printing any messages and I can't really mod without being able to properly see things like print or error messages. Has anyone run into this issue and/or have ideas on how to fix this? I can provide more details if necessary, but I don't have much else to work off of.

For reference, this is an example of what my issue looks like:

VConsole2 Errors

I forced some script errors to happen which can be seen in-game, but nothing pops up in the console on the left (usually pink text).


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    Alright never mind, seems like it was an easy fix here. Just had to make sure Right Click > Capture Spew was checked.