Tools Update 17th July, 2016


  • CBaseEntity:IsNPC Is this entity an CAI_BaseNPC?
  • CBaseEntity:FollowEntity hEntity to follow, bool bBoneMerge (it's super good)
  • DOTA_BaseNPC:IsMoving (also available on clientside lua)
  • CDOTAGamerules:IsHeroRespawnEnabled Returns whether hero respawn is enabled.
  • CDOTAGamerules:IsCheatMode added to clientside lua


  • GameUI.SetCameraTargetPosition( js_value vec3, float flLerp )
  • Panel.RunScriptInPanelContext( js_raw_args js_raw_args_1 )
  • DOTAHideProfileCardBattleCupTooltip() Hide the profile card / battle cup tooltip.
  • DOTAShowProfileCardBattleCupTooltip(uint64 steamID)
  • IsMechanical removed

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